After six years in sales and support with Hewlett-Packard and ten years of moonlighting as a PC consultant, Michael M. Myers founded The Better Information Group (TBIG) in January, 1993. TBIG specializes in developing easy-to-use, customized software for professionals who want innovative software to improve productivity and profitability.

TBIG has a proven track record of application development and implementation with more than two dozen mission-critical installations. Prior to working at HP, Michael M. Myers completed a Ph.D. in Institutional Research from the University of Virginia and started the computer center at the Southern Regional Education Board in Atlanta.

Spec Book Pro History

The Better Information Group released the first version of Spec Book Pro in 1995 to Design Directions in Marietta, GA,  as a Microsoft Office (Access) application. After numerous installations of Spec Book Pro on PCs in interior design firms across the United States, development of a web version was started in 2002.

Spec Book Pro moved to the internet as a web application in 2004, based on the Microsoft Asp.Net/Sql Server platform. At that time, a web browser-based application for interior design firms was revolutionary. Since 2004, it has been improved and enhanced, based on feedback from clients.

Other Software Applications Developed by TBIG

In addition to Spec Book Pro, TBIG has developed custom software for a variety of clients.

Automated the compliance department for financial services broker / dealer.

Implemented a data capture system for the Tennesse Titans of the National Football League team summarizing the statistics for display on the giant television screens on the two scoreboards.

Designed financial advisor recruiting application for financial services broker / dealer.

Developed auto parts tracking for NASCAR team that stores historical information on parts, races, and tracks to help the team identify the best combination for speed.

Implemented Capital Improvement Projects for Water Utilities that helps management with budgeting for large projects and balancing the funding and expenditures for years into the future.

Developed a Sales management application for financial services broker / dealer to track branch and financial advisor production to calculate performance and compliance statistics for decision making.

Designed department Budgeting for a water utility to allow department managers to develop budgets interactively.

Developed a recruiting application for helping a staffing firm recruit and place oncology staff for temporary and permanent positions in medical facilities.

Implemented complaint and litigation tracking application for financial services broker / dealer.

Designed an Art Consultant application that stores images downloaded from the web and lets the consultant search for images by keyword for creating a presentation. The presentation can be converted into specifications, and the specifications can be used to create purchase orders.

Designed numerous Wordpress blogs and web sites for a variety of clients.