Productivity Tools for Working with Specs

Spec Templates

Every type of specification requires different kinds of information.

For example, a seating spec is different from a table spec. Seating requires a different set of measures, compared to tables. Spec Book Pro lets you customize the information on each type of spec by setting up a template. You can have as many spec types as you want, and as many kinds of information as you want.

For example, a Seating spec could include:

Dimensions, Finish, Seat, Back, Arm, Base/Legs, Fabric, Frame Construction, Foam, Other, Fire Safety, Warranty, Distribution, Reference

A Table spec could include:

Dimensions, Wood Species, Material, Finish, Construction, Top Panel, Fire Safety, Other, Warranty, Reference, Distribution

Or, you could break out Table in Table Top and Table Base.

You can also set up a Default Description and Default Notes for each type of spec.

Get Quantity from Another Spec

Errors in specs can be costly. Errors often occur when the quantity of one or more specs is related to another spec. For example, if you are ordering 24 chairs in a seating spec and  2.5 yards of fabric per chair for those chairs in a fabric spec chair, what happens when the number of chairs is changed to 30?

If your spec software is not automated, you might order the original amout of fabric. However, Spec Book Pro lets you choose the amount of fabric based on the quantity from another spec. In this case, you would select the “parent” seating spec as the source of the quantity for the “child” fabric spec. When the number of chairs is changed from 24 to 30, the amount of fabric is automatically adjusted from 60 yards (24 x 2.5) to 75 yards (30 x 2.5).

The “Get Quantity from Another Spec” feature prevents costly errors and costly delays in shipping and installation.

Revision Notes

Revisions are important, especially for purchasing. Revision Notes need to call attention to the revisions. We can highlight the Revision Notes with a yellow background or red bold text (if the yellow highlighting uses too much ink when you print the specs), whatever works for you.