Frequently Asked Questions

I am a Lighting Designer. Can Spec Book Pro be used for Lighting specs?

When you create a spec in Spec Book Pro, you select a Component Type from a dropdown list. Then the “Attributes” for that Component Type appear on the spec.
Each Firm configures Spec Book Pro by entering its own list of Component Types and the Attributes for each.
For example, a Component Type like Seating would have Attributes like Height, Width, Fabric, Finish, etc.
You would enter each kind of Lighting in the Component Type list with the appropriate Attributes.
Then, when you create a spec, you would select the Component Type and the Attributes would appear in the spec to be completed.
Note: You can enter defaults for each of the Attributes.

If we subscribe to Spec Book Pro for six users for a big Project, do we still have to pay for six users when the Project ends?

No, you can change the number of users in your subscription.
We will retain all of your information for your Firm as long as you stay subscribed for at least one user.